Buffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos

Hello 1,695 of you,

Are you ready for some football!?!?

I am too! I can’t believe this is our sixth year. Time flies. The Bills have got to be one of the youngest teams in the league. Or maybe I’m getting old (I’m starting to sound like my father). Either way, it should be an exciting season this year. There are a lot more questions than answers, that’s for sure. But you never know who’ll step up and who’ll break out.

For all you regulars, you know the drill. Same time, same place, same deal.

First game is this Sunday at 1pm against the Broncos in Buffalo.

For you newbies… Here is the info you need:

Both bars will open at 10:30 this year.

McFadden’s is 21 and over only. If you have young ones with you, or if you’re under 21, you’re more than welcome to watch the game in Calico Jack’s.

Calico Jacks will take reservations starting on noon on Tuesdays. You can reserve up to 8 seats by calling 212-557-4300. Otherwise, it’s first come first serve for both bars. If you reserve seats at Calico Jacks, you MUST be there by 12:40 or you’ll lose your seats. No exceptions.

Drink & Wing Special Info:
All specials are from one (1) hour before the game until the end of the game.
$30: All the draft beer (including Labatt Blue/Molson Canadian) you can drink and wings you can eat.
$20: All the Bud/Bud Lite draft you can drink and wings you can eat.
$15: All the POP you can drink and wings you can eat.
$1 off all mixed drinks.

Enjoy the Bills while you can. Read more in Phil Mann’s Latest “A View from Calico Jack’s”:

See you Sunday,

Matt Soreco