Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

Hello all 1,717 of you,

Tough first two weeks, eh? You’d think we’d be immune to the punishment, but somehow I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach every Sunday. The Bills rebound may be tough this week on the road against the Pats. This team needs to wake up! At least rookies Lynch and Poz are fun to watch. Be there this Sunday at 1.

That guy taking pictures around the bars isn’t a Belichick spy! It’s our own Michael Coniaris. Check out his pictures from last week:

If you have any pictures you’d like to see on nycbbb.com, just send them my way.

JetBlue will be at the bars on Sunday, where you can enter to win a trip home to Buffalo for when the Bills take on the Miami Dolphins, December 9, at Ralph Wilson Stadium! I believe they’ll have some other nice giveaways on hand too.

Buffalo Sports Article
Member Pat Irving wrote a funny article, “Buffalow,” on Scripted Sports. Check it out:

Downtown Bar 
Courtney Hirsch let us know that there is a bar downtown that caters to Bills fans. Kelly’s Pub at 12 Avenue A. Check out more NYC area Bills bars here:

Tony Maggiotto, founder of CityLove clothing, e-mailed us about Buffalo themed t-shirts he offers. Check them out here:

See you Sunday,

Matt Soreco