Buffalo Bills vs. Skins and Special Guest

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Has the Edwards era officially begun? Come on out this Sunday as the Edwards led Bills take on the Skins at 1pm. You know the place, you know the details.

Special Guest Sunday at McFadden’s!
Want to knock some gifts off your family and friends’ lists? This Sunday, Dec. 2nd, we’ll have Buffalo native and former Bills Insider writer Michael Farrell at the bar selling and signing his debut novel, “Running with Buffalo.” Oddly enough, the book features a scene which actually takes place in McFadden’s, so come in, enjoy the game, and pick up a copy or two of “Running with Buffalo.” For more information about the book and the author, please visit Farrell’s web site at:

For a brief synopsis of the story, read the following:
As a young idealist and recent college graduate, Joseph Cahan wanted to settle in his hometown of Buffalo, New York and live a rhythmic life surrounded by his childhood friends, close-knit Irish Catholic family, and a Cahan clan of his own. In the nine months following his graduation, though, life proves a vast contrast to his vision. Through heartbreaking and humorous chapters, author and Buffalo native Michael Farrell relays through Cahan the lament of a new generation, full of young adults trying to deal with life’s unexpected complexities. Amongst this confusion, some still yearn for the simple inherent truths that are sometimes found in the most logical of places. This duel between head and heart is the soul of his debut novel, “Running with Buffalo.”

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