Buffalo Bills vs. Willis

Hello all,

I’m not going to mention a word of the Monday night disaster. I guess I just did. My bad.

Time to look forward. Come out Sunday and watch the Bills battle Willis McGahee and the Ravens at 1pm.

Personally I don’t know what the whole controversy is with Willis. Supposedly he took some parting shots at the Bills. I will emphatically state for the record that he could not have said those things. Or say that the Bills should move to Toronto. I say this because even if he did, no one would have been able to understand what came out of his dumb marble mouth. Take that WILLIS! Oh, you didn’t think I was going let those comments slide, did you?!?! Hopefully the Bills D will be fired up enough to pop him in the mouth all day Sunday.

Trent Edwards got the nod this week. Losman said he was ready to play. Another QB controversy anyone?

Check out Phil’s latest column, explaining how it is to be a Bills fan:

Hey is anyone going to the Jets game next week? We’re at a loss on how to plan for a tailgate given the parking situation there. If enough are in, we’ll try to figure something out.

See you Sunday,

Matt Soreco