Buffalo Bills at New York Jets 4pm, Tailgate Time!

“It’s deja-vu all over again!”

Any overly astute NYCBBB member may recognize the title of this email from my “Ready to Tailgate in the Swamp for the 5th Consecutive year email” last year. I figure everything went so well that I should stick with what works, with the exception of trumpeting the fact that’s it’s our Now Legendary 6th Annual Tailgate Party and due to all the parking regulations at the Meadowlands is sure to be the one that really pisses off the most Jets fans!

As usual we will be in Lot 16, Pole C. The basic rundown is that without a pre-paid parking pass you will NOT be allowed into the parking lots. We have confirmed that the info in our last email about being allowed in early without a pass is FALSE. However there are a lot of parking passes available on ebay and some of them can be emailed to you so keep an eye out.

Beer n’ Food 
We’re still coordinating what we are doing in terms of providing a keg and it looks like we will have one there. Since we have no idea how many people will be there we are not going to throw an official “$5 all you can drink special” like in years past. If you can I would suggest bring a spare 6 pack just to be sure. There will be plenty of grill space around, so feel free to bring food to cook. If you are traveling by bus or are parking in the satellite lot let me know if you would be interesting in having someone with a car bring beer or food to 16-C. A number of folks with parking passes have offered to help bring supplies as long as people are willing to chip in and cover the cost. Please email me if you are interested and/or have any questions.

Tickets for the Game 
I have 2 spare tickets in the Mezzanine, Section 234, Row 2. $100 for the pair (I think face is $75 or $105). There are also a couple of tickets mentioned in the comments section of our blog. Check it out. Also there are usually a number of spare tickets floating around the tailgate, especially when the Jets are this bad so don’t hesitate to come if you don’t have a seat. Let me know if you are interested in tickets and I’ll try to coordinate.

Send me an email if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early in the Swamp on Sunday.