16C is the Place to Be

Hello all,

I stole “16C is the place to be” from a snot-green t-shirt I saw on a Jets fan once. The same guy had a bewildered look on his face when he saw his tailgating spot over-run by a swarm of red, white, and blue.

This Sunday, lot 16C is the place to be once again for Bills fans. I might have given some of you faithful (including Kenny and Captain Buffalo) a minor heart attack in last week’s e-mail. Based on the replies to my e-mail, a lot of Bills fans are gathering up there again.

The trick is finding a way there. As you may or may not know, in order to park in the lot, you need a parking pass. This is due to construction of the new stadium. Parking passes are issued to season ticket holders only. They are separate than the game ticket. I’ve seen them on sale on e-bay or even included with tickets for sale. Given the Jets season so far, I won’t be surprised if you can tickets and parking passes for a bargain.

Remember the game is at 4:00. Some are getting there as early as 8am or even earlier!

Kevin will put together some more details and plans later this week.

Some have told me that if you get there early enough, that you don’t need the pass. Since I can’t confirm first hand, I’m playing it safe and not passing this on as a fact. If you know this to be 100% true, please let us know.

See you Sunday,

Matt Soreco