Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Hello 1,721 of you,

Man do I hate the Pats. I hate the Fins equally. And for the trifecta, I despise the Jets. I’m so full of hate! And I LOVE it!

Hey Wilfork was fined only $12,500 for the hit on Losman. More reason to be angry. He seems sorry, but apparently it’s not his first time:

I hope this team can get it together this week. Due to all the injuries, there has been too much activity on the roster for me to keep up with. BillsDaily sorts it out for ya:

I’ll be up at the game this week. Many have been asking… I will be at or near Kenny’s tailgate. Apparently we weren’t clear, but we won’t have a keg this year. There should be some familiar faces around there. I plan on getting there early. Lots open at 8am.

Here is info on how to find Kenny’s spot:

Check out Phil Mann’s latest column, “A View from Calico Jack’s”:

Check out Michael Coniaris’ Pics from last week:

Phil thought of something good. Besides Dan Schulman’s awesome mini documentary on us (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFyjH9skeAo), we’re videoless is the YouTube generation. If you have any videos from the bars, lets get them posted!

Oh and getting back to hating teams… I hate the Red Sox too.

I like turtles though, like this kid:

I though this week’s e-mail would be short. Oh well.

– Matt Soreco