Kevin Everett

Fellow NYC Bills Backers,

By now we’re sure that most of you have heard about the severity of the injury to Bills TE Kevin Everett. After being moved off the field by ambulance, Everett was taken to Millard Fillmore Hospital where he underwent spinal surgery late Sunday night. Yesterday, the Bills and the hospital’s medical team announced that although the surgery was successful, the chances that Everett would fully recover were “bleak” and that he may never walk again.

Everett is currently under sedation breathing through a respirator in the ICU. Until the swelling goes down, he is still in grave danger of blood clots and infection.

Some of you have written to us expressing that Sunday’s loss doesn’t mean much anymore, and that Kevin Everett’s health is at the front of your minds. Even though we don’t know him personally, I think most of us feel as if he is one of us, and this injury drives home as if he were a friend. That’s what’s so special about the so called Small Market Teams like the Bills, the cities and their teams are like one big family. Kevin isn’t simply a player on a sports team in Buffalo, he’s one of us. I have confidence that Buffalo will show its true colors as the City of Good Neighbors and give Kevin all the support they can, not just for the next few weeks, but for the rest of his life.

As fans, I know there’s not much we can do. The best thing we can do now is hope and pray for Kevin. On Sunday, we are working with McFadden’s to create a large Get Well banner that all of you can sign and send your best wishes to him on. Member Melissa Thomas wrote in and volunteered to oversee this effort. Even if you can’t stay and watch the game, feel free to come by and sign the banner and show your support. The Bills will be providing us with a location to send it.

If anybody has any other ideas, we’re all ears. Until then, be sure to keep Kevin in your thoughts and prayers.

Matt Kabel