Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Spree

Hello all,

I’m writing to you from Washington DC and yesterday I was in the house where Abraham Lincoln died after being shot at Ford’s Theatre. Just outside the actual bedroom, hung a painting of Niagara Falls. I wonder if it was foretelling that President William McKinley would be shot and die only 20 min away from the famous landmark some 35 years later. Strange…

The Bills head to Indianapolis this weekend to take on the Colts at 8pm this Sunday night. Being the 3rd pre-season game, most of the starters are expected to play the first half. McFadden’s will have the game on in HD and will be offering the drink/wing specials from 5-10pm. They can guarantee the sound of the game until 9pm, after that they may have to turn on the DJ depending on their Sunday night crowd.

Buffalo Spree
At the PUSH event, I had the fortune of winning a year’s subscription to Western New York’s featured monthly magazine, the Buffalo Spree. On the 2 hour subway ride home that night I was excited to read a series of articles entitled “Selling Buffalo” which interviews real Buffalonians who are doing their part to better the Queen City and outlines selling points that we can all utilize here in NYC when talking about Buffalo with friends or professionally.

Its a fantastic read and I highly recommend checking out the articles and images, I would love to hear your thoughts after reading:

Just click: Archives > July/Aug 2008

Soon we will include a link where NYC Bills Backers can exclusively sign up for a new discounted annual subscription. Keep an eye out in future emails.

Bills Tickets
There are some tickets for sale on our message board.

We’re just over 2 weeks away from kickoff, enjoy the rest of your summers!

Go Bills, Go Sabres!

Matt “talkin’ proud and can’t stand Jason Peters right now” Kabel