Draft Party This Saturday at McFadden’s!

Hello all 1,729 NYC Buffalo Bills fans!

We’re just days away from the 2008 NFL Draft Party at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s! The draft starts this Saturday at 3pm, and 42nd and 2nd is the best place to see who the Bills will take with the 11th pick! Don’t forget, the pace of the draft is much faster this year as teams will only have 10 min to make their pick instead of 15. Should be funny seeing the runners fly up the aisle to get the card in the hand of the commissioner. If you’re one of those people that likes to try and time it so you get there just in time for the first pick, might be risky this year. Also, don’t forget that the Bills have traded up into the 1st and 2nd rounds the last two years. Best bet, plan on being there for as much of the draft as you can. Besides, the draft party is always a great time!

As always, McFadden’s and Calico’s will have the best draft specials (pun intended) that are open to all fans, not just us die-hard Bills fanatics. Bring your Jets fan friends so we can again laugh at them for their crazy choices. Seriously, the more teams represented, the more fun it is! I even just got word that my Dolphins fan friend will be there, that’s an unlimited amount of ribbing right there.

Draft Party Drink Specials from 1-8pm on Saturday, April 26th:
$35 – All the draft beer you can drink and wings you can eat.
$25 – All the Bud/Bud Lite draft you can drink and wings you can eat.
$20 – All the pop you can drink and wings you can eat.
$1 off all mixed drinks.

Who do you want us to draft?

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See you there!

Matt “talkin’ proud and wants a tall playmaking receiver in the first round” Kabel