Tim Russert

Hello NYC Bills fans,

It’s just been reported that Tim Russert died today after suffering a heart attack at the NBC Washington office. Russert, a lifelong Bills fan from Buffalo who is most known for hosting Meet the Press on NBC, was probably the most well known Buffalonian and hero to all of us from Western New York. Many of us were honored to meet him when he came to McFadden’s just 4 years ago to watch the Bills play while covering the 2004 presidential election, and we all personally got to see what a great down to earth guy he was. This loss is very saddening as he was such an inspiration to many from Western New York.

Watching news coverage, everybody is remembering him as a great man from Buffalo who loved his family, his job, and the Buffalo Bills.

I guess that sums up most of us, and he epitomized it.

All of us at NYCBBB send out our sympathy to the Russert family, who will experience a difficult Father’s Day this weekend.

RIP Tim, we loved ya, Go Bills.

Matt Kabel