Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills

Hello all 1,937 NYC Bills Fans!

Awful. Disgusting. Disturbing.

No I’m not discussing the Miami game nor the current state of our team (what do you expect when you have a marketing guy as your GM and two guys making all personnel decisions that have only one winning season in 9 years together?)

I’m actually referring to the new Pizza Hut commercial that I saw on TV that claims to have a bunch of people from Buffalo (including the Wing King) that apparently can’t tell the difference between REAL wings and Pizza Hut’s. If any of those people really are from Buffalo, I have one more word to offer up…sellout.

Back to football, the Bills host the winless Browns this Sunday in Orchard Park. Kickoff is at 1pm and the the specials at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s run from noon until the end of the game.

To be honest, the Bills play a string of some pretty bad teams, so if they can get their heads out of their you-know-whats (and Trent Edwards see the OPEN RECEIVERS DOWNFIELD and STOPS CHECKING DOWN) we could have a winning record in November and be in the playoff hunt! Be sure to check out for all the latest news.

New Era Giveaway
Here are some pictures of the New Era giveaway products that Matt Soreco ran last week:

Jets Tailgate
For those heading to the Meadowlands next Sunday to see us take on the NJ Jets, we will again be holding our legendary tailgate in Lot 16C. Kevin Smith will be sending out next week’s email with all the details so keep an eye out if you’re going to the swamp.

A View From Calico Jack’s
Here is Phil Mann’s weekly column:

And last week’s column as well since Soreco pulled a T.O. and dropped the ball by forgetting to include:

We’ve often promoted the local concerts of the up and coming band Stand as they record their material in Buffalo via Ireland and you’ve always come out to support them in droves. Well, they’re finally about to arrive and are hitting the big time, playing the Bowery next Saturday night! Check it out:

And here they are recording in Buffalo:

Anybody else follow Thurman Thomas and Darryl Talley on Twitter? I was going to stop using it until Soreco told me to follow these guys…they’re hilarious and were quoted in several newspapers this week due to their opinions during the game of the current team. Worth checking out.


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and now feel like eating some real wings….” Kabel