Here We Go

Hello all,

Are you ready for some football!? Real football!?!

After what took place in preseason, we can only hope that the Bills are ready too. I guess Jauron feels the team is ready, because he rested almost the entire first unit during last night’s preseason game. Back when we first started NYCBBB, we sort of decided we would not use it as a forum to bash the team, so we won’t–as hard as it might be not to. See, there I go… Does that trick of snapping a rubber band on your wrist work for anyone? Because I might need it in order to stay nice.

But lets face it, no one can predict the future. And the Bills are 0-0 in games that matter so far this season. And 0-0 is not a losing record, which Jauron… {snap}

Before we start the linkage, let us first congratulate Kevin Smith. He’s now married! He’s now on his honeymoon, hopefully blissfully unaware of what’s gone on in preseason {snap, snap, snap}. Hey Kevin, since you won’t have to hear “when are you getting married?” repeatedly anymore, let me prepare you for the next round of questioning. “When are you having kids?” “When are you having kids?” “When are you having kids?” “When are you having kids?” “When are you having kids?”

Check out Phil Mann’s 2009 Opening Column where he asks all the important questions, and provides some hope:

Cory Nesselbush and Matt Bruno (yeah, another Matt in the mix) fixed our Facebook presence. We moved the page from a “group” to a “fan page.” If you are on Facebook and haven’t already, become a fan here:

There are no changes to the weekly drink/wing specials this year:

More will come next week about opening day, which is a Monday nighter (9/14) against the Patriots.

Hey the Charlotte Bills Backers have some interesting events planned if you are interested in going down to Carolina for the game against the Panthers. Check it out here:

Well that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy Labor Day weekend!

– Matt Soreco