Jets vs. Bills Thursday Night Football

Hello all 1,923 NYC Bills fans!

First off, if you haven’t already read it you gotta check out this outstanding article by Buffalo native and huge Bills fan Nick Bakay on the current state of the Buffalo Bills:

I would love to see the Bills bring in a big time GM like Ron Wolf to clean out the front office and pick our next head coach, instead of overpaying a Head Coach to come in here and giving them way too much control. C’mon Ralph, fix this organization top to bottom the way it should be done! Although Matt Soreco disagrees with me on that. What are your thoughts?

Reading that article I had to say Bakay did Bills fan proud, and made me think of and miss good ol’ Tim Russert.

Also got word via Thurman Thomas on Twitter that he and his son along with Jim Kelly went into the Bills locker room before the game Sunday and were disrespected by some of the current Bills for being outspoken about the team’s passion this season, to the point where Thurman’s son was upset. Here’s to hoping these thin-skinned wimps are playing on another team next season.

On Thursday night, the Bills take on the NJ Jets in their annual Toronto game. Did you see that Dolphins game? Where was this Bills team all season. Gutsy and were exciting to watch, maybe the Bills should have canned Jauron at the end of the year like fans wanted. Kickoff for the Jets game is at 8:20pm, specials will start at 7pm and run through the end of the game. In addition, the bar will offer $3 PINTS OF LABATT BLUE AND HALF PRICED APPETIZERS! Can’t beat that anywhere else in the city!

No better place to catch the Bills than McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s on 42nd and 2nd. For those of you working in the city, could you ask for a better happy hour?


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Go Bills!!!
Go Sabres!!!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and forgot to fill this in last week and only one person noticed” Kabel