Meet First Round Pick Eric Wood at McFadden’s!

Hello all 1,915 NYC Bills Fans!

On June 13th, McFadden’s will be holding an all day party starting at 11am called McFadden’s Day where they will be celebrating what the bar is all about. From 5-7pm the bar will be dedicated to you, the members of NYCBBB!

As a huge thank you for watching the games at McFadden’s, the bar is flying in Buffalo Bill first round draft choice Eric Wood, who will be likely starting at Right Guard for the Bills this season. Eric will be there to meet the fans from 5-7pm.

The NERDS, a popular NYC cover band, will be performing from 2-4pm.

The bar is looking to offer a beer/wing special, but wanted to gauge interest first. If you think you’ll be attending, please shoot me an email with a “Hell Yeah!” and the number of people you’re bringing.

Not sure how long he’s in town, but if anybody out there has access to any cool NYC attractions let me know, it’d be great to take care of one of our own while he’s here just as we would with any family member.

Again, shoot me an email if you’ll be there.

And if you don’t know who Eric Wood is, he looks like the kid from Bad Santa:

Although known as a tough SOB, he’d probably throw you through the front window if you asked him about it. Just the kind of guy we need on this team!


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and loving McFadden’s” Kabel