Preseason Football at McFadden’s

Hello all,

Good news! McFadden’s will be showing the next 3 preseason games. Including this Saturday’s game live. Here is the schedule:

Saturday, 8/15 at 7pm vs. the Bears (this is live).
Sunday, 8/23 at 4pm vs. the Packers (this is a replay).
Sunday, 8/30 at 1pm vs. the Steelers (this is a replay).

Please note that this Saturday’s game will have sound until 9pm only (maybe later depending on the crowd).

The Packers and Steelers games aren’t shown live anywhere, and there is no way for McFadden’s to get it. Only the replays are aired on the NFLN. We go through this every year.

The same drink special will be offered as the HOF events, which is:
$3 all drafts including Labatt Blue. $3 well drinks. Wings will be available at no cost.

Unfortunately the last game against the Lions is replayed at both 7am and 4am, so that is a no can do.

There are some good reviews on the History of the Bills DVD. Remember to check it out. I ordered mine and it’s on the way. Once I watch it, I’ll be sure to post an expert (not really) review too.

Hey, does anyone want to volunteer to be the boss of our Facebook page? It’s something we always let slip. There are a lot of cool things we don’t take advantage of with it. We need someone to post pics, videos, links, news, and schedule events. Please let me know. I’ll put you on as an admin.

My son has been ready for Bills football for months! I think the not newborn anymore Christopher will be ready for an appearance or two or three this year. The poor kid doesn’t know what he’s in for yet.

Oh yeah, Philly signed Mike Vick. Good to put those rumors to rest.

– Matt Soreco