Are you Ready?

Hello all,

So let’s see… What happened since our last e-mail? I forget… Oh yeah. Now I remember. The Bills fired their offensive coordinator and cut their starting left tackle–less than a week before the first game on Monday night against the Patriots. Other than that, everything is hunky dory.

My rubber band trick is working. I will not get negative. Although I have one wrist and hand that resembles a lobster claw.

Just think, as of right now:
– The Bills are undefeated.
– TO’s toe is healed and he has a better pair of cleats.
– 3/5ths of the starting OL have never allowed a sack in an NFL game.*

*Borrowed from Twitterer Mike Phelps @mphelps2 (via Jay Mitchell @jaymitch84)

Whoa, I just got all Twitter on you all!!! I referenced a tweet from a twitterer on twitter. Now I need to work on getting these e-mails to 140 characters or less…

Enough silliness and on to some serious business.

Game time is at 7pm Monday night. Drink specials start one hour before the game:

CityLove Buffalo
Tony of CityLove Clothing Company will be on hand. He’ll be selling his new black special edition TO81Hope and some fun styles for ladies too. Here is his site to preview:

PUSH Event Reminder
PUSH Buffalo will be holding its 3rd Annual Buffalo Takes Manhattan Party on Saturday, September 19th, at 8pm in Times Square:

I think that’s it. Man we’re doing this so long that now after writing every e-mail I feel like I’m forgetting something.


– Matt Soreco