Squish the Fish and New Era Giveaway

Hey everybody,

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Owen who?
0-3 and goin’ to be 0-4.

Despite playoff prospects, if there are 2 games a year that matter most to Bills fans, it’s the two times me meet the stinkin’ fish. They are just as banged up as the Bills. We lost McKelvin for the season, but they lost Pennington. Porter looks questionable. Both Whitner and Scott are out at the safety positions this week. Luckily the backup secondary is playing against a green QB in his first NFL start.

But one thing’s certain. BEAST MODE IS BACK! Hey I love what Fred Jackson has done, but Marshawn is a notch or two above, in my opinion.

Please, please, please. AVP, Trent, whoever. Get Owens and Evans involved more. Some how. Some way.

It’ll be another 4:05 start. Hey, what’s up with that? Personally, I love the 1pm starts.

New Era Giveaway!
New Era sent us some pretty cool Buffalo Bills hats and t-shirts to give away. Rather than do something very elaborate, were going to have a simple first come first serve chance drawing. Reach into a bag or something, pull out a ticket, and if it’s a winner you’ll get your choice. Please see me, Matt Soreco, in Calico Jacks this Sunday to take your chance. The only catch… I will take your picture with your winnings. I’ll try to make it in long before kickoff so it’s not too much a distraction during gametime. But we’ll run it until we’re out of goods.

In the meantime, check out their sweet Buffalo Football collection (some of which will be part of the giveaway):

Then Levy Said to Kelly: The Best Buffalo Bills Stories Ever Told:
Sometimes reflecting on the glory years helps you cope with the last 10 years of disappointing Billsfandom. Jim Gehman’s book does just that. It’s gotten some good reviews on Amazon. Check it out:

Jets Game Tailgate:
I got a few e-mails regarding this. We are working on the details as we speak. We’ll send out more details shortly. Regarding tickets… Your best bet right now is e-bay, stubhub, etc. We don’t have any special deals or packages or any special source for tickets.

Hope to see you Sunday. My first game at the bars in over a year! Remember, see me for a chance to win New Era gear!!

– Matt Soreco