Terrell Owens a Bill! Mets

Hello all 1,900+ NYC Bills Fans!

Breaking News!

Terrell Owens, one of the elite wide receivers in the NFL (and also one of its biggest headaches) has signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills! One thing you can say for sure, Buffalo is going to receive a TON of media attention this season, which was probably a chunk of the goal with this move.

The Bills get one hell of a wide receiver, someone that will immediately receive the respect of opposing defenses and allow Lee Evans the opportunity to finally reach his potential. He’s an amazing player, even at 35, and will obviously sell tickets, jerseys, and give a much needed spark to the Toronto game.

However Owens is known as a locker room cancer, a huge drama queen, and most teams wouldn’t go near him.

Did the Bills make the right decision? Who knows, but this lifeless off-season that was pointing the Bills towards another losing season just got a jolt of electricity.

By the way, this news just broke as NFL Network is showing The Comeback game….a sign from the football gods?

Keep checking www.BillsDaily.com (who texted me updates, thanks Steve!) andwww.BuffaloRumblings.com for updates.

NY Mets
We received a HUGE response for the Mets game this summer, the potential for 100-200 tickets needed, so we’ll work to get details out ASAP.

Fish Fry
For you fellow Catholics out there, Lent is here. If you miss those great fish fries in Western NY, don’t worry, you can get one here! A chain of British themed restaurants in Brooklyn called Chip Shop offers a Fish n Chips that rivals a TRUE fish fry from WNY, including a pieve of haddock that falls off both ends of the plate and vinegar for your french fries! Check out their website for details www.chipshopnyc.com.



Matt “Talkin’ proud and at least fired up we signed a great #2 WR” Kabel