Anchor Bar vs. Duffs on Travel Channel Tonight!

Hello all 1,941 NYC Bills/Sabres fans!

Tonight at 10pm (or my DirecTV guide says 10:30pm?) on the Travel Channel the war of wars will take place. The channel is premiering its new show, Food Wars, which pits local city establishments against each other to determine who has the better host city’s signature dish.

Up tonight, Buffalo wings (or chicken wings as we in Western NY correctly refer to them!)

Anchor Bar (The famous creator of wings) vs. Duffs (Many claim theirs are better)

I, for one, have always had great wings at the Anchor Bar, and always have a great time. However I have had wings served to me in a soupy hot sauce at Duffs that was more like a stew than wings. As a result, I’m rooting for Anchor Bar!

Be sure to watch tonight! 10 or 10:30pm on the Travel Channel!

Oh…and no new news on the Bills. They signed some right tackle from Oakland that committed 12 penalties in 12 games…oh, and he beat the mother of his children. Great way to make me want to sign up for season tickets again guys!

By the way, were you not extra proud to be a Western NYer seeing Ryan Miller win the MVP for the Winter Olympics? Wish they would have pulled that off and won gold.

As always, follow and for the latest Bills news.

With the NFL draft now being spread out on weeknights, not sure what to do for the party yet, will let you know.

Phil Mann said JetBlue is doing some $10 flight specials to Buffalo, be sure to check them out.


Matt “Talkin Proud and really hope Anchor Bar pulls it out” Kabel