New Coach, Sabres, PUSH Buffalo

Hello all 1,914 NYC Bills fans!

Well, the Bills finally hired a new head coach. No it wasn’t Bill Cowher or Brian Billick or even Leslie Frazier. The Bills hired Chan Gailey. Who? Oh yeah, a guy that’s been fired from 3 coaching jobs for not being able to win big games. So it looks like the Bills had to rush and stop the embarrassment of all these coaches turning down the job. To make matters worse, former Buffalo Bill player and successful head coach Marty Schottenheimer WAS interested in the job, but Ralph Wilson wasn’t “comfortable” with him so didn’t even bother interviewing him.

Folks, this team has officially become Raiders East. Here’s an amazing piece by’s Tony Bogyo summing up why the Bills have been losers for 10 years:

Also, here’s a piece today quoting several league unnamed sources hammering the Bills, including confirming my belief that the Buddy Nix hiring was a power grab for Russ Brandon AKA Smithers. Also, it indicates that Ralph Wilson personally drafted Marshawn Lynch, when it was reported at the time that Marv Levy was high on Darelle Revis, who is now a superstar and the best cornerback in the league:

Again, maybe the Bills can get lucky and Chan Gailey, who has a great reputation as an offensive coordinator (just not head coach) can turn this team around. But we’re now seeing a pattern form here where the Bills issues start at the top. It must kill Ralph Wilson to see former Bills GM Bill Polian heading to another Super Bowl. Maybe he shouldn’t have fired him.

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Hey Sabres fans. Need some good news to distract you from the Bills off-season? Well, the Sabres are in first place in their division are challenging for 1st place in the Eastern Conference with Joirsee and Washington. Ryan Miller has been the best goalie in the NHL and the team has its swagger back. It looks like we will finally be enjoying some post season hockey this year and we are planning some fun things for the second half of the season. Stay up to date with the post-season push by signing up for the Sabres emails at our website ( or just send Kevin an email and ask him to add you to the list at

In the meantime if you’d like to catch up on the team before they break for the Olympics, the best place to catch the games is at Kelly’s at 12 Ave A (Between A and Houston). There is usually a big crowd there every night and they turn on the sound. Other places that have the games but don’t have sound are Blue Moon (75th and 1st-ish) and Kinsales (3rd between 93/94th).

PUSH Buffalo on Extreme Makeover
Last night I Tivo-ed Extreme Makeover – Home Edition on ABC when somebody emailed me that it was taking place in Buffalo. I heard a ton of great things about it this morning, so just went to watch the show and saw that they partnered with PUSH Buffalo, the non-profit who throws annual fundraisers here in NYC that many of you attend and help out with. You can check it out here, I hear it paints Buffalo in an amazing light:

Hope you’re all staying dry out there!

GO Bills!
Go Sabres!!!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and really hope the Bills bring in a solid defensive coordinator” Kabel