Head Coach Search – 2009 Feedback

Hello all 1,917 NYC Bills fans!

Well, the season is over and we have been put out of our misery for now. The Bills canned the entire coaching staff and hired Buddy Nix as GM. Although Nix is a true football man with experience in both the Bills and Chargers front offices, I wished the Bills would have gone outside the organization and brought in somebody that would clean house at One Bills Drive. In addition, the Bills promoted Russ Brandon from SVP/GM to President, which I feel was a horrible move as he is a sales guy and should in no way have the GM reporting to him. Whatever the Bills say, Brandon will have a hand in football decisions folks which is likely a major reason coaches are turning down the opportunity to coach in Buffalo.

Speaking of the coaching situation, the Bills have found themselves to be the laughing stock of the NFL as all the big names turned them down, and even Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer turned down an interview. As of now, Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is the only candidate for the job. The Bills are reportedly still interested Russ Grimm of Arizona, whom is growing on me for his blue collar attitude towards the game. This is what happens when you lose for 10 years, have an owner that allows great players to leave, and a glorified used car salesman as your President having final say on football decisions and was a make-believe GM for two years. Part of me wonders if the front office knows they are a laughingstock, or choose to be in denial.

However, is Cowher still interested? An interesting tidbit is that the national media has been getting outscooped big time by some local folks. www.salsports.com reported that the Bills secretly met with Bill Cowher a week before ESPN “reported it” and has been a step ahead of the media since. Joe Logan, a no name from East Aurora, tweeted hours before any national source that the entire Bills coaching staff would be fired. These two guys have maintained that Bill Cowher still has interest in the job, and talks are ongoing. Logan is also calling for a writing campaign:

Are they right? Who knows, but they’ve been right about everything the last month. For us in NYC, if you want to get Cowher you should head over to CBS studios on 10th and 57th on Saturday afternoon with signs begging him to come to the Queen City. Hey, even our fellow fans in Buffalo put up a billboard this week.

Does all of this mean we will be the bottom feeders of the NFL? No, the Bills could land a coordinator who could be the next Dungy or Cowher and get lucky in the draft. Its early, anything can happen.

In regards to McFadden’s/Calico’s, let us know how things went this year. How were the wings, service, etc and do you have any recommendations for 2010?

It was a rough year, let’s hope for more success next year! We’ll email Draft Party details soon…

Go Bills!
Go Sabres!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and hope the Bills pick the right coach” Kabel