Andre Reed Coming to McFadden’s!!!

Hello all 1,907 NYC Bills fans!

Was busy at work yesterday when I received a call from an unknown number. Answered it to find that Andre Reed himself was on the other end! He called to let us know that he will be attending the 10th Annual NYCBBB Draft Party at McFadden’s next Thursday night! He’s extremely excited about the trip as he gets to read the Bills 2nd Round Pick at the draft at Radio City on Friday night, so he said it was perfect that he’d get to watch the First Round with his fellow Bills fans. The future Hall of Famer can’t wait to hang out with us and just wants to have fun.

We’ll reach out next week with more details, Andre is shipping over some of his new Over The Middle All Purpose Sauce that McFadden’s has offered to throw on their wings for the party. You can learn about it here:

As of now he’s planning on coming when the specials start at 7pm and is staying for the draft that begins at 8pm. We had 200 of you show up to meet Marv Levy, so let’s show up in numbers to honor one of the greatest players to ever wear a Bills uniform! C’mon, its a Thursday during happy hour, is there anything cooler you could be doing? It might be the only football related event to meet up at for a long time!

Fired up, this is awesome!

Email me a “Hell Yeah!” if you’re coming!

By the way, I work for a marketing agency and we throw free tastings of different liquors/spirits/wines in Manhattan, with several coming up in the next two months including a single malt scotch, a cognac, and a premium tequila. If you’re interested in details, shoot me an email and I’ll send you over the info/invite. They’re a good time!


Matt “talkin’ proud and was giddy like a schoolgirl after chatting with Andre Reed” Kabel