Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys

Hello all,

First, thank you to all the veterans for protecting us and ensuring the freedoms we enjoy.

It’s been a while since I fired off an e-mail. How are you all doing?

The Bills travel to Dallas this week. Game is at 1pm. You all know the deal.

Let’s hope the Bills bounce back from that disaster against the Jets. If you take it from Mark Miller, Dallas is going down!

Check out Mike Coniaris’ Pictures from the Jets game:

Heads up on upcoming Jets game and tailgate
McFadden’s is going to set up a tailgate for the Jets game again. For drinks, this time they’re going to sell bracelets for a small fee, which you’ll be able to get at the bar in the upcoming weeks. Of course anyone can byo and hang out together. More details will come soon.

That’s all folks.

Matt “I keep it short*” Soreco

*no short jokes, please.