Buffalo Bills at New Jersey Giants, Plus Tailgate Info

Hello all 1,981 NYC Bills Fans!

I just read Stevie Johnson’s interview in GQ this week and saw that the team is referring to themselves as the Goon Squad, based off of 1980s classic The Goonies. I think that’s rather fair comparison, a bunch of like-able guys who were written off as losers, I suppose Gailey serves as a good Sloth, no? We were interviewed by the NY Daily News yesterday, so look out for an article that mentions NYCBBB on Sunday.

The Bills come into our hometown this weekend to take on the New Jersey Giants. I read some article this week saying how the best team in NY this year is the Bills. Uh, sorry, the Bills are the ONLY team in NY. That said, the games will be on at McFadden’s & Calico’s as always.

For those like myself heading to the game, I spoke with Kenny “Pinto Ron” Johnson this week and asked him about a tailgating spot. We always used to tailgate in 16C, but that is now a premium lot. Funny enough, we became such good friends with the Jets fans in that section over the last 10 years that last year they reached out to Kenny and told them their new location which is a lower tier lot that everybody with a pass can access, and is also a parking lot that fills up slower so most should be able to get into. Here’s a map of the spot:

Its called Lot 26 next to the IZOD Center and we’ll be near pole A. Kenny called and verified the spot again this week so we are good to go, he said the best way to describe the location is if you see the huge failed mall they built and you look at the ski ramp, if you drove a car up and off of it you’d fall onto our spot. This is a good test run for our soon to be Jets tailgate later in the season.

That said, McFadden’s will be throwing a tailgate with us and wants to make sure that people who have to take public transportation to the game have plenty of beer and food to enjoy. If you want to partake, please email me so I can get a headcount for them on what to bring.

I’ve got one fan looking to sell 2 club level seats and a parking pass for $340, email me if interested and I’ll put you in touch.

Thanks to all who came out and supported Buffalo on the Bowery Tuesday night, it was packed so assume many of you came.


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and love that we’re 4-1 but underdogs!” Kabel