Draft Party & Andre Reed Recap

Hello all 1,900+ NYC Bills fans,

Thanks to all of you who came out for the 10th Annual NYCBBB Draft Party at McFadden’s! I personally loved the draft the Bills had, Dareus is the guy I wanted for a couple weeks so was fired up with us picking him. My final email after the season said we either needed a franchise QB or the best run stuffer in the draft, and we got the latter! Also fired up that our team got bigger, stronger, and tougher.

Andre Reed was on hand for a good two hours and have to say I LOVED his OTM sauce! Was expecting a traditional hot sauce but it was actually a bbq sauce that was amazing. Andre has extended the following offer:

Also, here are the pictures of his visit featuring many of you:

And finally, here’s a video I took of him watching the Bills draft Dareus:

Be sure to check outĀ www.deargodwhyussports.com which is a Buffalo sports blog with a humorous side. Its run by a bunch of long time regulars of the NYCBBB and NYC Sabres Backers, and they’re going to be doing some exciting stuff this coming season at the bars. The blog is growing in popularity and have done some podcasts with lately with Buffalo sports celebrities Also, follow them on twitter at @DGWUSports.

Well folks, that’s it. Now we go back to our normal lives until the owners & players get their heads out of their ends and realize the game is more important that they money. Once that happens, we’ll be in touch!

Go Bills!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t believe football is on hiatus” Kabel