New Jersey Jets at Buffalo Bills, White Out!

Hello all 2,011 NYC Bills Fans!

There’s going to be a White Out in Orchard Park this weekend, and not the snowy kind. The Bills will be wearing their white uniforms at home and fans are being encouraged to wear white to the game, to be supported with tens of thousands of white pom-poms. Should be a cool visual spectacle. If you’re heading to the bars this weekend, feel free to wear white and support the effort. Our Bills face off against the NJ Jets this Sunday at 1pm, c’mon down and watch this HUGE division match up at McFadden’s & Calico Jack’s.

Couple notes:
1) Clocks turn back an hour on Sunday morning, so don’t forget to do so and get the extra hour of sleep
2) The NYC Marathon is this Sunday, so plan accordingly!
3) Labatt Blue will be running a promotion at the bars during the game where they’ll be giving away 2 Tickets to the Jets/Bills game in NJ! You can only win by being there.

Finally, good old Matt Soreco will be at McFadden’s to watch the game this weekend with us. Its been a long time since the two founders of our group of WNY degenerates have watched a game together in there, so be sure to come on over and say hello.

This is a huge game folks, we could go 6-2 and have a 2-0 division record at the halfway point. By the way, Rex Ryan has never won the first game coming off a bye…..


See you Sunday!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud, HUGE GAME!!!” Kabel