Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills, Special Seating at McFadden’s

Hello all 2,001 NYC Bills Fans!

Wow, we finally hit 2,000 members, we’d been hovering just below for over a year. Thanks to all of you for coming out to the Bills Tailgate at the Meadowlands last week, I was expecting around 50 fans so was excited to arrive and find 200 of us there. Too bad we blew it in the end by being overaggressive, I hope that loss stuck in their guts over the bye and they hit the field hungry for a win. And a special thank you to McFadden’s for bringing a ton of free beer and food! NYCBBB was also in the NY Daily News that morning as well, you can read it here:¬†http://goo.gl/jJTae

The Bills take on the Redskins at home….err…in Toronto this Sunday at 4pm. Drink specials will run from 3pm until the end of the game. With the game being at 4pm, McFadden’s is implementing some rules for seating to ensure Bills fans are able to get seats and not have to sit there all morning if they don’t want to. So here’s the deal:

– Starting at 11:30, members can arrive at the bar in person where they can reserve a table for the game. In order to do so, they MUST purchase a drink bracelet. First come first served.

– After signing up, you can leave or stay for the 1pm games. If you leave, one person from your table must be back at the bar by 2pm to claim it, the others can arrive any time prior to the game. The dining room will remain closed until 2pm, if nobody from your party is there when it opens your table will be given away.

I think this is a great solution to ensure that those who arrive early are rewarded with a table, but don’t have to sit in the bar for an extra couple hours if they don’t want to.

Giants/Bills Tailgate Pictures (as you’ll see, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to finish a bottle of single malt scotch before the game)

As always, be sure to check www.billsdaily.com and www.buffalorumblings.com for the latest news.

See you Sunday!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and hate going into a bye week with a loss” Kabel