Bills vs Ravens, Sabres, & Yonkers

Hello all,

Hey we heard from the Jets who informed us we sold over 500 tickets to Sunday’s game! Too bad the team didn’t reward our effort. Sheesh, growing pains seem to be a chronic 15+ year condition. Anyway, how was the tailgate?

I’ll keep this one relatively short…

The Bills are home against the Raven’s this Sunday at 1pm. You know the deal. If not, here is the deal:

I’m not much of a hockey fan myself. But I did go to a Rangers vs. Sabres game with a large group of us a few years ago. Our numbers were definitely noticed. Even drawing a running  and very goofy double middle finger from some bratty 8ish year old Ranger fan. Where were the parents!?!? Probably encouraging it…

Anyway, the Islanders reached out to us and they are offering us a great deal on tickets to a bunch of games, including Tuesday, October 15 against the Sabres! Here is the info:

Is there anyone in Westchester looking for a place to catch the game? Maybe NYC is too much of a hassle to get to… Burkes Bar at 645 Bronx River Road, Yonkers, NY (914-237-5137) is showing Bills games. It’s a great bar. AND it’s right down the street from where I was born and raised (not that that means anything, but it would have been pretty cool if it was there and showing Bills games when I was a kid).


– Matt Soreco