Draft Party, 12 Years!

Hello all 2,121 NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

Its that time of year again, where the Bills draft a bunch of guys and for a couple weeks we feel like we’re a contender again! Until the season starts. Perhaps the Bills ARE ready to turn it around this year under new Coach Doug Marrone, although a having salesman running the team will always worry me. With the cutting of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills are poised to take a QB early in the draft for the first time since JP Losman. And Trent Edwards. And trading for Drew Bledsoe. If anything, it should make for an exciting draft party!

As always, come on down to McFadden’s to watch the Bills make their selections with hundreds of your fellow Bills fans. This event is actually open to none Bills fans, so its a good excuse to bring along those buddies you never see on Sunday afternoons during the season. Here are the details:

April 25 – Thursday: McFadden’s will have the first round of the Draft televised with sound starting at 7pm, first pick at 8pm. From 7-11pm, the bar will offer $3 import drafts (including Blue), half priced drink specials, and free wings!

April 26 – Friday: Same special with wings from 6-11pm for rounds 2-3 and will have the sound on shortly before/after the Bills pick (keep in mind its Friday night)

April 27 – Saturday: All-you-can-drink/wing specials we use during the season from 11-4pm. The pricing can be found here:

We’ll also be celebrating 12 years of NYCBBB, which is also just a painful reminder of the # of years we’ve gone without being able to watch a playoff game at McFadden’s or Calico’s. Its getting harder and harder to maintain my 6-year-old as a Bills fan.

My god, I’m Negative Nelly aren’t I. Look what you’ve done to me Buffalo Bills!! Why has thou forsaken me?!!!

Anyways, enjoy your Easter Holidays, we’ll reach out again prior to the draft.


Matt “Talkin’ proud and am becoming a bitter old man” Kabel