Jets Ticket Status, Preseason Games, and more

Hello all,

I’m sorry that there has been such a delay on us getting more information about Bills at Jets tickets. I heard back from the Jets yesterday. They are STILL working out the ordering details. I’m as anxious to get tickets as many of you. All we can do it wait. Do you think they are messing with us? Nah, they need to sell the seats they can’t sell to their own fans…

Preseason Games
McFadden’s WILL show this Sunday’s game against the Colts. Game time is at 1:30pm. Same drink specials as always, although they are not sure if Labatt’s will be in stock on time.

The Friday, 8/16 game against the Vikings won’t be televised live in the area. There will be a REPLAY on Sunday, 8/18 at 10am on the NFL Network. However, given previous year’s turnouts for AM replays, the bar will not likely show this game.

I will confirm with McFadden’s about showing the Saturday, 8/24 game at 4:30pm against the Redskins, which will be aired live.

Like the Vikes, the Thursday, 8/29 game against the Lions won’t be televised live in the area. There will be a REPLAY on Saturday, 8/31 at 7am on the NFL Network. Again like the Vikings game, the bar will not likely show this game.

Bills at Jets Tailgate
There will be a tailgate like last year and previous years. It will be in Lot 26 next to the IZOD Center, near pole A. More details (times, etc.) will be sent closer to the date.

Generator for the tailgate?
A DJ offered to provide entertainment for the tailgate. Does anyone have a generator? I have no idea about the power needs and what is involved. I can make the connection/introduction to anyone willing to bring a generator and/or offer assistance/advice. I think I just broke my personal record for using slashes in a single sentence/paragraph.

Fundraisers for Sally Kabel
There will be 2 events. One on Saturday, September 14 at McFadden’s. Another most likely during the game on Sunday September 15. More details on the game time fundraiser will come soon. Here is info on the Saturday event: . There will also be other ways to help as well, and they will be shared will everyone when ready.

That’s all for now.

– Matt Soreco