Pats at Bills, EJ Starting! Thank You…

Hello all 2,127 NYC Bills Fans!

It’s finally here, the kickoff to the 2013 NFL Season! On Sunday at 1pm the Bills officially launch a new era with a new GM, new coach, and as of this morning – a new starting quarterback! A text from the Bills announced that EJ Manuel will be starting this Sunday for the Bills. Going up against the Pats, not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing for a first game. I still remember being at Jeff George’s first game years ago and Bruce Smith knocking him out of it. Although I also have flashes to Jim Kelly looking great in his first outing. Guess we will see, but will make Sunday all the more exciting.

Everybody knows the best place to see our new team in action is on 42nd and 2nd at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s, which promise to be rocking! Specials will start at noon and conclude at the end of the game. Here are the details for the drink/wing specials:

Get the ball to Spiller!

Thank You

I know Matt Soreco has spread the news of my daughter Sally being diagnosed with Leukemia this summer, originally at 9 months. Infant Leukemia is rare, only 200 cases a year in the USA and Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the finest cancer institutions in the world, only treats ONE case a year. It brings with it many challenges that don’t occur in kids diagnosed later in life, and much tougher odds. If all goes to plan Sally will receive two years of intense chemo, a very long road that is just beginning.

Nicole and I want to thank everybody for the amazing support the Buffalo Sports community has shown. The social media would has blown up with #SupportSally tweets and posts from fans to sportscasters to the Buffalo Sabres even tweeting it out! A bunch of the online sports groups have gotten together to sell shirts benefiting Sally, first described here:

Shirts are $25 and can only be ordered until THIS Saturday. In addition, if you want to follow Sally’s story you can Like her Facebook or check out her blog I know Matt, Phil and the McFadden’s team are planning a fundraiser next week during the Panthers game, am sure they’ll be sending details prior.

Many are upset that summer is over. Me? No way, THIS is the best time of the year! Let’s do this Buffalo.


Matt “Talkin Proud and Can’t Wait To See EJ In Action!” Kabel