Brian Moorman & Eric Wood at McFadden’s!

Hello all 2,194 NYC Bills Fans!

This is your Ghost of Christmas past, it has been so long since I sent an email that I had a hard time remembering the log in info. I want to thank Matt Soreco and Phil Mann for taking the bull by its horns this season while I’ve been focused on my daughter’s battle against Infant Leukemia. I have still been following the games, I actually scared Sally once by screaming at the TV when the Steve Johnson fumble happened (followed by the Chandler fumble), we had literally just walked in the door from spending a week at Sloan Kettering which kept it in perspective. After I screamed and made her cry of course, whoops.

Matt S. has sent some recent emails about a couple current Bills making appearances at McFadden’s this week. First off, Eric Wood will be there tonight from 7-10pm, with beer specials starting at 6:30.

On Saturday, Brian Moorman will be at McFadden’s with his foundation, P.U.N.T from 7-10pm.  I always knew that Brian and his wife ran a foundation for kids, but never really understood what they did. They reached out to us about it a few weeks ago and was going to tell them our members had already done a lot for my daughter and felt bad asking them to support another cause. However, when I looked up the foundation I saw that they assist families in Buffalo battling pediatric cancer.

I can’t tell you how much pediatric cancer sucks, most have an image of smiling bald kids from TV ads, even I thought that was the norm. That image can’t be farther from the truth. Kids are dying daily, those that survive do so after painful outdated treatments and live with side effects that hamper them the rest of their lives. It also takes an extreme toll on the entire family, my sons have had to see their baby sister in extreme pain and sacrifice love and attention from us.

The Moormans’ foundation lends much needed support to families like ours. Whether it be gas or grocery store cards, getting the kids out to local sports game in a suite (the only way those with weakened immune systems can actually attend) or…sadly…granting a last wish of a dying child. This isn’t just some PR thing for the Moormans or the staff of the foundation, made clear in my interactions with them the last few weeks. They are extremely passionate about helping families in Buffalo much like mine here in Brooklyn, some having gone through it themselves.

The event is very simple, $10 donation at the door gets you half priced drinks. That’s it. Brian asked to keep it simple so he could spend time hanging out with fans and have an enjoyable night. Everybody is going out Saturday night, the night before the first ever Super Bowl in NYC. Even if its for a few minutes, why not stop by and not only support this great cause, but thank Brian for all of the years he’s given to our Bills. Seriously, he’s been the best Buffalo Bill over the 12 years we’ve ran NYCBBB, even my wife clearly knew who he was. He’s the only current player she would encourage me to make my way into the city to see, especially since getting out is a challenge for us nowadays.

I’m looking forward to meeting the entire PUNT Team and thanking them for the work they do for the kids in Buffalo fighting cancer. I hope I’ll see a bunch of you there to support not only an amazing player, but an amazing person and group. For those who have sent notes, posted on Sally’s Facebook page or bought a Sally shirt, thank you so much for your continued support, it means the world to Nicole and I.

Matt “Talkin’ Proud” Kabel