Hero in our Midst, NFL Meeting

Hello all,

What a difference a win makes, no?

This is our QB. The BOSS!

First, were going to have a hero in our midst this upcoming Sunday. Major Patrick Miller, Allegany native, Bills fan (of course), and courageous soldier will be in town to watch the game with us. Major Miller was wounded while rescuing fellow soldiers during the Fort Hood shooting earlier this year. He’ll be in the dining area (if you can call it that on Sundays) at McFadden’s. Please give him a NYCBBB welcome.

Read more about Major Miller here:

The Bills take on the Patriots at home at 1pm. You all know the deal.

NFL Meeting / Thank Pegulas
Last e-mail I mentioned that the NFL owners meeting is being held tomorrow, October 8 at the Conrad Hotel. Tim Graham, who provided the venue location, wasn’t sure of what exact time other than “Wednesday morning.” Several of you e-mailed back with interest in trying to greet and thank the Pegulas. I’ve set up a MeetUp for now. Please let me know if you think there is a better way to manage the info: I’ll try to e-mail some Bills contacts too. All help is appreciated. Please spread the word, twitter, facebook, e-mail, myspace, smoke signals, morse code, etc.

“The first item of the agenda will be approving Terry and Kim Pegula as the new owners of the Buffalo Bills, which will then allow them to be part of the owners meetings.”

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– Matt Soreco