Bills vs. Titans

Hello all,

Lets hope the Bills bounce back this week. They take on the Titans in Tennessee this Sunday at 1pm. The Bills are banged up quite a bit. Hopefully they play disciplined and don’t beat themselves again.

Speaking of discipline and penalties, Phil Mann shares his thoughts in This Week from NYCBBB.

A lot have asked… But I haven’t gotten to much info about the London game other than a link to the UK Bills Mafia and what they have planned.

Unofficial Buffalo Theme Song
I had a few people send me this on twitter, email, etc. Check it out. McFadden’s / NYCBBB gets a shout out towards the end. Yeah!

Doritos Commercial
The Bills Superfans make an appearance in this user submitted Doritos commercial, which will have voting at some point. It looks like it’s the #1 viewed so far.

Go Bills!

-Matt Soreco