This Week from NYCBBB – 10/11/2015

How did the Bills defeat Tennessee?

My nearly 90-year-old mom would tell you it’s because she took off her new Bills socks – a gift from her grandchildren, no less. And then she gleefully told them afterward that she had taken them off.

I know McFadden’s regulars who would take credit, because they attended the game in person.

Even I took some credit, having changed seats at a pivotal game moment.

But, in the end, as Stevie Wonder sang, we probably need to admit, “superstition ain’t the way.” The “way,” in my opinion, was a defense that kept us alive until Tyrod Taylor took another step in his evolution by leading a few spectacular plays. And in the end, a few plays were all it took against a lesser opponent.

And now we’re without Tyrod for at least a game, perhaps more. Who would have thought that’d be a problem back in July?

Meanwhile, Matt Cassel starts this weekend…for the Cowboys.

Who’d you rather have starting this weekend, Matt or E.J.?

Personally, I’d rather have Matt’s slow and steady influence this particular weekend. Actually, I had hoped we’d keep all three QBs, because before the season began I suspected all three would get playing time. But, I do find E.J. a far more intriguing situation. This might really represent his last chance to make a go of it in the NFL. I’m not looking for a QB controversy – I think this job is a healthy Tyrod’s – but having an occasional, valid change of pace option at QB? I’d be all in. E.J. has a big chance to replay himself into relevance this weekend against one of the best teams in the NFL to this point in the season.

He’ll need help – from the defense, and from an offense that’s sluggish at least in part due to injuries.

He’ll also need help from us – so get ready with your lucky socks, lucky chairs, lucky drinks and whatever else it takes.