Squish the Fish & Guess for Good

Hello all,

This week’s game is at 4:25. I’ve been meaning for YEARS to write up some of my favorite NYCBBB moments over the last 13 years. One funny one has to be some guy running into McFadden’s at 1, looking around with a panicked look on his face, and asking me anxiously if it was still a Bills bar. “YES! But the game’s at 4 today.” PHEW.

So I’m getting out an early week e-mail as McFadden’s let me know:
“For this sun 4:25 game, McFadden’s will be taking reservations for 3pm. Max per party 6 people. Entire table must be onsite by 3:25 or table goes to waiting list. Reservation can be made starting Tuesday 9/22 at 12 noon.” Call 212-986-1515.

Remember, as far as the specials go:

  • All specials are from one (1) hour before the game until the end of the game.

More about the specials:

Guess for Good!
Longtime member Joel Peterson launched a new venture that brings fun to fundraising. As his site puts it “Experience the fun of playing a game, the hope of winning a prize, and the gratification of helping a good cause.” This week’s challenge will benefit our good friends at Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation. To learn more about the game, PUNT Foundation, and to PLAY the game, visit: https://guessforgood.com/game/offensive-yards-for-punt/

Time to squish the fish!

  • Matt Soreco