Bills vs. Bucs

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills Fans!

First off, the MS Bike Tour is tomorrow, so there are several street closures around Manhattan. If you’re heading in for the game, take the trains.

I made it into McFadden’s for the Bengals game, was so great being back among Bills fans. I love seeing the old faces, but man, are there a lot of new faces. A couple folks introduced themselves, would love to meet more of ya as Sundays at the bars has always been like a big (crazy) family.

The outcome sucked obviously, we really need this offense to start producing or is gonna be a long season and a waste of a terrific defense. The Bucs coming to WNY will be a good test, especially for Tyrod. I’m happy Fitz isn’t playing, I hate rooting against that guy, I mean, how can you? And then Garrison Sanborn makes his return, he and his wife did a lot for childhood cancer families like ours in Buffalo through PUNT and are great people. Plus the Tampa/Sarasota area is essentially Buffalo South.

Alright…stop Matt…the Bucs are the enemy, go to town on them Buffalo! Let’s GOOOOOOOO!!!

The game’s at 1pm, you all know the drill with the specials. I couldn’t believe the size of the line getting into the bars before the game (actually I can as I’ve seen them for years, but it’s always amazing to see). Make sure you get there early to see if we can take advantage of a couple soft defenses coming our way in the coming weeks.

Hope you’re all taking advantage of the weather an grabbing your pumpkins or whatever….Sunday belongs to the football gods.


Matt “Talkin’ proud and need Tyrod to prove me wrong” Kabel