Bills vs. Cincy

Hello all 2,000 NYC Bills Fans!

Long time no talk, good god a lot has happened. Sorry, we moved homes so have been tied up unpacking the last few weeks, but have caught the games on our TV, which is presently sitting on the floor still. As stated previously, I wasn’t expecting much out of this season, but loved the direction our organization was headed in. The Pegulas finally removed Russ Brandon from all football decisions and handed that power over to real up-and-coming football guys. Are they the right guys? Who knows, but at least the thinking behind the moves was right, and said I’m willing to give them three years to right the ship.

Four games in, and look who is in first place in the AFC East? Never expected that, and it could all fall apart like the last 17 years, but it’s encouraging to see so many new guys stepping up with the release/trade of so many key players. There’s a nice core developing, and that’s all I personally wanted to see out of this year and confirm if T Taylor was the answer, which I still think…no.

Regardless, the team is fun to watch again, especially when they’re taking shots down field. Can’t imagine McCoy being stunted much longer. So why are you watching this excitement alone? Get down to McFadden’s and Calico’s and make some noise with your fellow Bills fans! Every Friday I wear my Bills hat on the subway, and every Friday I get a lot of “Go Bills” from Bills Mafia also doing the grind. There’s just no better way to watch a winning team. Yes…a winning team!

It’s also supposed to rain Sunday, what the hell else are you gonna do?

The Bills take on the high scoring Bengals offense this Sunday at 1pm. Will we win and retain the division lead, or drop down second with the Cheatahs?


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t believe we’re in first place” Kabel