Bills vs LA Chargers

Hello all 2,000 NYC Bills fans,
Well, I mentioned in my last email that we’d see what kind of team we are last week. The result? I stopped watching in the 3rd quarter to go build some Ikea pieces.
Things got even more interesting this week when the Bills benched Tyrod for Peterman. I question the timing of the move, but I get it. Like I’ve said, Tyrod Taylor is not the answer to the QB problem, he’ll never get the Bills to the next level and plays a safe game (hence his padded stats). I do think he gives the team their best chance to win now, but also get seeing the value in what they have with Peterman. Again, if you’re of the thinking the Bills are rebuilding (and I think they are), and a Super Bowl is the goal and not just playoffs it makes sense.
Anyhow, the Bills take on the Chargers at 4:05pm. Head on down to McFadden’s and Calico’s to see what Peterman has. Specials start at 3:05 and run through the end of the game.
This should be…interesting…
Go Bills!
Matt “Talkin’ Proud and hope Peterman has some goods” Kabel