Bills vs. New Orleans

Hello all 2,000 NYC Bills Fans!

I’m still picking myself off the ground after we got absolutely trounced by the Jets last week.

One thing I want to address is an incident that happened at the tailgate. Apparently one of us jumped through a table and suffered a head injury which prompted ambulances to arrive. I hope this individual is OK, but also want to say that you’re not a Bills fan when you do that crap, you’re just an asshole. We’ve been doing this tailgate for over 15 years and have never had an issue like that.

The fans that are doing this stuff aren’t real fans, they’re an embarrassment. I blame the organization for putting on a losing team that was easier to market instead of winning games for so long where Sundays draw a crowd more interested in the party than the team. I’m looking at you Russ Brandon. I think with winning the real fans will return and this will go away eventually. If you’re a true Bills fan, you shouldn’t embrace this BS.

I should have known that’d be a precursor for the game. I ended up leaving the game in the 3rd quarter because it’s one that I’ve seen too many times over the last 17 years and decided I’d rather get the extra hour of sleep. I don’t think the Bills are that bad, nor do I think they’re the 5-2 team we’ve been seeing. Like most things, the truth sits somewhere in the middle.

This Sunday will probably give us a very accurate picture on who this team really is. The red-hot Saints come into Buffalo this weekend to take on a well-rested Bills team. Sounds like Charles Clay may be back on the field, and we’ll get our first look at Kelvin Benjamin.

Kickoff is Sunday at 1pm, and there’s no better place to catch the game than on 42nd/2nd with the NYCBBB. I keep reading that a 9-7 team may just make the playoffs this year, and I think the Bills still have a shot. I firmly believe they are heading in the right direction and are going to be a real contender in the coming years, and if that happens sooner than expected its just icing on the cake.


Matt “talkin’ proud and hope we see a better Bills performance this week” Kabel