Bills @ NJ Jets, Kenny’s 400th Game Weekend Extravaganza!

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans,

My TV/Internet went down just before the game last week and wasn’t able to get to a bar, so was only able to follow along on Twitter. I guess it was a blessing in disguise. There was actually a good article in the BN that laid out the case that Peterman had a decent game despite everything and did what was asked of him. He certainly can’t win games on his own, so others need to step up and aren’t doing it. Hopefully Allen can return this weekend and provide a much-needed spark to the team.

You can catch the Bills/Jets game at McFadden’s & Calico’s as always starting at 1pm. For those going to the game, you can check out the tailgating info here, including change in location ( One thing I want to call out is for us Bills fans to be respectful. Please clean up after yourselves as you head into the stadium. Last year it was a disaster and also had some idiot jump through a table and crack open his head. We’ve been doing this tailgate for years, let’s not ruin it for future games in NJ. Also, both teams are rebuilding and neither team’s fans are in a place to talk down the other team. Unless you’re calling out that the Jets play in NJ. That’s OK.

Also, this Sunday is Kenny Johnson’s 400th straight game (both home & away)! Most will know him from the Pinto tailgate he does in Orchard Park, he’s an awesome guy who deserves to be celebrated. In fact, we’ll be celebrating him this Saturday night at McFadden’s. From 7-10pm there will be a bracelet special that gets you $5 drafts and well drinks. Kenny and many of the other Super Fans will be there to raise one (hundred) drinks to Kenny’s milestone, hopefully you can join them. I know there’s some things planned for Sunday at the tailgate as well.

Let’s Go Buffalo!

Congrats Kenny!

Matt “talkin’ proud and am so excited for Kenny’s 400th” Kabel