Draft Party TONIGHT, Buffalo News Article, Meet Ruben Brown/Ted Washington/Donald Jones

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

It’s finally here, in just hours we’ll find out if Buffalo has their quarterback of the future! If you’re on Twitter you can see the explosion of opinions about what Buffalo should do, who they should take.

Me? For the first time over 15 years I have faith in the Buffalo Bills GM/HC duo that they’re going to do what’s best for the team to win. Not reach (JP Losman), not make a marketable pick (EJ Manuel), not make an arrogant pick (Roscoe Parrish) or an unneeded pick (Willis MaGahee).

If they draft a QB, it’ll be one they view as the franchise guy. If they don’t, they didn’t feel comfortable with what was left or couldn’t pull off the trade needed. If they use picks 12/22 to enhance the team without a QB, I’ll take that as a win as they know they need a QB, but aren’t going to reach to do it. Whoever they pick, I’ll be behind 100%.

That said, there’s no better place to see what the Bills do than McFadden’s tonight! Seriously, I mean:

1) We’ve got drink specials kicking off at 8pm: at nycbbb.com

2) We’ve got Bills great Ruben Brown and Donald Jones recording a live podcast at the bar with special guest, Ted Washington! You can read more about that here: at BuffaloNews.com

3) Oh, and our club was featured in the Buffalo News today too!
at BuffaloNews.com

Sounds like Ruben, Donald and Ted will be starting their podcast around 7pm, so we recommend getting there early as we’re sure it’s gonna be a heck of a crowd to see what McBeane does.

We’ll see ya tonight!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and fired up to head to McFadden’s tonight!” Kabel