NFL Draft Party, 17 Years!, Ruben Brown LIVE Podcast @ McFadden’s!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

The annual NYCBBB Draft Party is just a few weeks away, and as always, it’s also a celebration of the founding of our NYC Bills Backers when Matt & I first gathered with a small contingent at a small bar called Bar Coastal for our inaugural event. We drafted Mike Williams that year, let’s hope this year is more successful.

That said, McBeane has been slowly acquiring picks and moving up the draft board. It was reported yesterday that Beane is “trying like hell” to trade up to #2 with the Giants but will likely require another trade up closer before that can happen. Stay tuned. All I can say is the Jets overpaying to trade up to #3 really screwed us. So, let’s screw ‘em back.

That is IF (key word, IF) McBeane feels “their guy” is up there. With the moves they’ve been making, it feels like he is. It makes me think back to the 2004 draft where Tom Donahoe failed to make a trade to move up and select Ben Roethlisberger (“their guy”) and instead overpaid to move up for a player they settled with (JP Losman). This is the year, they have the capital, they have the need and are in striking distance. They may not get this chance again for awhile. Make it happen. Don’t settle.

We also have some exciting news to share – Bills great Ruben Brown has agreed to host all his podcasts this season at McFadden’s! Starting with the NFL Draft, Reuben and Donald Jones will host Ted Washington at McFadden’s for a LIVE podcast on the 26th recording in the back room. They will record their weekly podcasts in the bar on Mondays following games. More details to come!

We’ll see you on April 26th at McFadden’s for the draft, our first time as a playoff team!

NFL Draft Specials at McFadden’s

On Thursday (26 th ) and Friday (27 th ) the following will be offered from 8-11pm:
– $5 beers, cocktails
– 50 cent wings with orders of 10/20 wings
– For the spirited Bills Mafia – $30 all you can drink (with the same 50 cent wing special)
– Table reservations begin at 8pm

On Saturday the $5 beers/cocktails and 50 cent wings specials will be available during the draft.


Matt “Talkin’ proud and hoping McBeane pulls the trigger!” Kabel