Johnny Utahs, PUNT Foundation Raffle

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills fans!

We’re only 24 hours from kickoff, seeing the masses of Bills fans heading south for the game is so awesome. I could have flown down for work as we’re doing an event in the stadium, but no. I’ve waited over 15 years for this moment, watching a Bills playoff game at McFadden’s. Nothing will stop me from watching it there with all of you and the guys we started it with. Soreco, me and the others will be sitting in the corner under the big screen in McFaddens, be sure to come say hello!

Couple quick additional announcements:

1) We added Johnny Utah’s as a 3rd viewing location for the game with the same specials/sound/Shout song as the other bars and weren’t sure if anybody would use it. Well, after 24 hours there’s already almost 100 RSVPs! They still have room so if you want a guaranteed spot, call now: 212.265.8824

2) Our friends at the Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation are flying in and will be raffling off an autographed Steve Hauschka helmet, a Lorenzo Alexander signed jersey and a Brian Moorman signed jersey (the MVP of the drought). All proceeds will go to families in Buffalo battling childhood cancer. While the Andy Dalton initiative has been great, let’s be sure to support the families in need in our own Queen City. I missed the Dolphins game at McFaddens as I was on my daughter’s Make A Wish trip after her own battle with cancer, I know personally how important the PUNT Foundation is to kids with cancer in Buffalo. Be sure to buy some tickets!

Last night William, my 8 year old, complained that there’s only 16 hours of footall to watch every season. No son, there’s at least 17 hours this year, let’s make it more.

Matt “Talkin’ proud and can’t wait for tomorrow” Kabel