THE PLAYOFFS! 3rd Watching Location Added

Hello all 2,000 NYC Bills Fans!

The P word happened.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at McFadden’s during a game with some of the old-timers who have been NYCBBB members for over a decade. I stared up at the 02 Bills jersey we mounted (signifying our group’s founding in 2002) several years before and said, “Man, all I want is to watch a Bills playoff game here, can you imagine the atmosphere?” I watched Bills games there (it was empty) in college with my brother since the drought’s beginning, and started the club with Matt Soreco shortly after, 15 years ago.

Soreco and I met our wives, had kids, changed careers and everything in between, but have never watched a Bills playoff game at McFadden’s or Calico’s. On Sunday evening when Bengals/Ravens game ended, we got our wish, and the wish of any Bills fan who has caught a game at either bar on 42nd and 2nd. Instantly my mind went to the faces of all of the fans who have caught games with us since we filled a small table in the dining room that very first game of our club. We even have people that haven’t watched a game with us in years flying in just to catch the game there this weekend.

This Sunday, the Bills take on the Jaguars IN THE PLAYOFFS at 1pm. There’s so much more I want to write (like how it’s not a coincidence that the first year Russ Brandon isn’t involved in football operations we make the playoffs), but we want to make sure every Bills fan in NYC can safely catch the game with their fellow fans. We’ve added a 3rd watching location, here’s the deal on all three:


  • Same process and specials as always, these are going to be prime seats so imagine folks will be out there earlier than ever before to get in line.
  • It’s supposed to be freezing, please dress appropriately


  • Same process and specials as always, again, arrive early if you want a spot
  • All reservations were booked immediately, so bar and standing room only


  • Knowing how crowded the 42nd St bars will be, and knowing we have way more than the 2,000 members on this list, we’ve created a 3rd watching location in the McFadden’s/Calico’s Family
  • Located by Rockefeller Center (21 West 51st Street)
  • Will offer the same format as the other bars – same drink/wing specials, game/sound on all TVs and a DJ to play the Shout Song
  • They WILL take reservations, which am sure will fill up fast 212.265.8824
  • Oh…and they have a mechanical bull….

It’s finally happened, see you on Sunday, it’s been a long time coming. Let’s do this.

Matt “Talkin’ proud and my heart hasn’t stopped racing” Kabel