Jets/Giants Saturday Night Meetups at Public House

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

Many have asked, especially those coming from out of town, if there would be a meetup at our new bar the night before the upcoming Jets and Giants games here in NYC (cough…NJ). You know us Bills fans, you gotta tailgate for the tailgate and a lot of folks are probably coming in from out of town for these.

Ask and ye shall receive! From 6-9pm on the Saturday nights before both games Public House will offer $4 pints of Labatt Blue & Blue/Bud Lite cans for all Bills fans. For those here going to the games, it’s also a good chance to come scout out our new stomping grounds.

Be sure to check out the Bills flags that were raised to the ceiling a few weeks ago.

The season is almost here!

Go Bills!

“Matt talkin’ proud and fired up to get this season started! Kabel