More Jets Tickets Available, Tailgate Info, Other Info

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

If you missed out on the last batch of tickets, the Jets just opened up more seats for us. This will be available for the next day only:

Section 336, Rows 17-21: 
$90.43 per ticket through this link:

Unfortunately the Giants do not offer group rates or seating. We will tailgate before the Giants game though!!

Tailgate info for both games 
Here is info on the Jets game tailgate. It will be basically the same for the Giants game the following week (except the tickets part) –

Preseason Games 
Unfortunately we don’t think there is a way for Public House to televise preseason games. If that changes, we’ll let everyone know.

We were in the Buffalo News! 
Check out an article about our move to Public House in The Buffalo News.


Matt Soreco