Redskins @ Bills, Sabres Games at Public House!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

Well, that Eagles game was certainly ugly. I read an article before the game where a couple of our defensive players were complaining about a lack of respect. I’m not a fan of that, just play your game and if you dominate week and week out, the respect will come. “Act like you’ve been there” as Marv Levy used to say. Those complaints rang hallow last Sunday as the Eagles rolled right over those guys, so am hoping each of them took a giant mouthful of humble pie.

I don’t think there’s cause for major concern, the Eagles were desperate for a win and are another good team. As I said in the beginning of the season this is still a late phase rebuilding year. This is a good team who is still a couple players and some experience away from being a great team. The defense is the only one this season to make Tom Brady look sub-bar, but still have to find a way to be consistent. Josh Allen didn’t cost the Bills this game, he’s still learning and growing in the position. I think they’re holding him back some as he works on the little things, but he’s still trending upward. I’d personally like to see them use Devin Singletery more and start leveraging the ground game.

That said, let’s look for the Bills to rebound against the Washington Redskins. I’m still bitter about that Super Bowl, so we need to take care of business. Kickoff is at 1pm, it’s Marathon Sunday so your best bet is to stick to underground transportation, which fortunately Public House is just a stone throw from Grand Central Terminal.


Our members have embraced Public House so much that the bar has ordered the NHL Center Ice package and will air ALL remaining Buffalo Sabres games this year! Along with each game will come $4 pints of Blue and Molson! I remember the old days at Blue Moon when fans would meet up, even just knowing there’s a bar to catch the game is a big win for #OneBuffalo. We’re discussing doing some weekly or monthly meetups too.

Please help us spread the word to our fellow Sabres fans!

See you Sunday!

Matt “Talkin Proud and am loving Public House!” Kabel