Seattle @ Buffalo, RSVP Change

Hello all you 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

6-2, and we’ve finally closed the chapter on the Patriots dynasty. I would have preferred a statement game where we crushed them, but a win is a win and in the NFL those are hard to come by. The team shouldn’t get too confident though, the defense is still a major area of concern and the Miami Dolphins are right on our tails in the AFC East standings.

The Bills host the Seattle Seahawks this weekend, which will be yet another big barometer to see how real this 6-2 record is. Unlike the wet and windy debacle last weekend, this Sunday is expected to be sunny and downright gorgeous. Josh is due a good game, and is going to need it to beat a tough Seahawks team.

The weather here in NYC is going to be just as stellar, 70 and sunny! It’s a perfect weekend to head in to Public House and catch the game with your fellow Bills fans. There are tables available so be sure to pounce!

We are making one slight change to the RSVP process going forward. Starting next week, Public House will begin accepting RSVPs on TUESDAYS instead of Monday, mostly to give the skeleton staff a bit of a breather after the weekend. Everything else remains the same.

Let’s go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and home we can stop the run for once” Kabel